What Karen Does

ThetaHealing Sessions

Karen helps women with the challenges that are keeping them from living empowered, successful, happy lives such as:

  • Emotional eating

  • Overspending

  • Procrastination

  • Losing patience with their children

  • Relationship struggles

  • Lacking clear vision/goals

  • Difficulty achieving goals

As you work together, Karen is able to see the patterns people are stuck in and what’s holding that pattern in place, then release the block. What makes her unique is how she does this quickly, without judgement and with a light-hearted, playfulness that makes even the most challenging, frustrating and painful areas of life seem simple to overcome. 

At the end of each session Karen's clients report  feeling lighter, brighter, clearer, more fully themselves and capable of making new choices. With each session clients maintain the gifts and learning of their past experiences while releasing the beliefs and unwanted patterns that no longer serve them.

What Makes My Karen's Work So Different? 

Karen's work is revolutionary because of the speed at which she gets to the source of what’s holding you back and release it, leaving you free to take new actions and experience new possibilities for living the life you’ve always hoped for.  The sheer speed of this transformation is astonishing and eliminates the need to spend enormous amounts of time, energy and money coping with past behaviors and resistance. 

Karen has spent 27 years learning about the human body, how it creates, holds onto and releases pain; how the body, mind and spirit can get stuck in cycles, how emotional and physical pain get linked together, how the subconscious mind impacts all of this and most importantly, how to break free from it.

Karen knows first hand the frustration of wanting so very badly to change parts of your life and spending lots of time, energy and money, only to end up still feeling stuck, unsuccessful and disempowered.

Get Ready For A Greater You! 

If you feel you are ready to put Karen's near three decades of healing and discovery to work in your life there is no need to wait another day to start living. Schedule a free consultation with her now and be released from those hidden beliefs in your body, mind and spirit.  Allow yourself  the freedom to move forward in new ways and make the seemingly impossible possible as you experience new levels of success, happiness, vitality and empowerment.

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