Karen Street, ThetaHealer extraordinaire, will guide you through a conversation that uncovers the deeply held beliefs that are holding you back from any desired results in your life, then release those beliefs using empathy, humor, Theta Therapy and by realigning you with Source.

Free Initial Consultation

You've got questions, so schedule a quick 15 minute call to see if ThetaHealing can help with your specific situation.  Have a one on one chat with Karen at absolutely no charge to see if you'd like to schedule your first appointment.

Quick Clearing (approx. 45 minutes)

After having already had a deep dive session and seeing the amazing results in your life, you see no reason to allow suffering or nagging little issues any longer.   Schedule a quick clearing before things build up and get out of hand.

Deep Dive (approx. 2 hours)

A deep dive is going to be most beneficial for your first visit as Karen explains the ThetaHealing process and digs deep into what issues you'd like to resolve in your life and clears each block that has kept that issue hounding you.   After this initial session you may want to fine tune your results or you may have some other little issue come up which can be handled in a much shorter session, in which case you can schedule a quick clearing session, however you may find that there are whole other issues that were dwarfed by your focus on the first and you'd like to go deep again.  If that's the case, the deep dive is for you! 

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