Jace Downey

If I had only one word to describe my Theta session with Karen, it would be "Wow!"

I wasn't sure what to expect going in because it was my first time doing anything like this. I was a bit skeptical, but Karen is so awesome that I felt at ease right away. She did a great job explaining the process and taking me through it smoothly. The session itself was powerful, moving and fun. The results have been profound. I went to bed that night a different person than I woke up. That may sound a bit extreme, but I can't think of any other way to put it. I felt the positive effects of the Theta healing right away, and now days later am experiencing them in a full and grounded way. I feel lighter, less anxious and more confident. My biggest concern after the session was that her work could put me out of a job as an addiction healer because it is so impactful and really gets to the core of the unwanted programming. If you're curious about Theta healing at all, I HIGHY recommend booking a session with Karen. It is well worth the time and money!

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Karisa Prestera

I couldn't believe this actually worked!

but here I am five years later and my anxiety over being late has not creeped up again. I had been struggling so hard, experiencing constrictions in my heart, irrational rages, screaming at my three year old, all for some strange need to be on time.  I would be so angry at my partner if he chose to pull out of the drive way and go what I deemed as "the long way", even if we didn't have to be anywhere at a particular time.  It all seemed so crazy and the anxiety kept getting bigger. All it took was just one session with Karen and, BLAM!! I was back to being a reasonable, happy human being again, and the partner and mother I truly wanted to be.  I can not recommend Karen's work enough!

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Not actual client, client wished to remain anonomous.


My life has shifted remarkably to the positive after just a few sessions of Theta Healing.  My binge eating addiction is gone and my relationships with my family are more positive.  It’s not just the behaviors that are gone – the stress and anxiety that caused them are resolved as well.  As a result my heart feels lighter and my life is more peaceful.

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I have worked with Karen on a number of physical and emotional/spiritual issues over the course of many years, and found her to be an immensely gifted healer.  She is both soothing and funny, with a great wisdom held lightly -- she is deeply intuitive and able to meet you where you are and help you to unwind things within yourself, reaching new clarity and, particularly with Theta Healing, an astonishing resolution of long-held pain and anguish. 

I feel safe and loved in her hands, and have been able to finally put to rest some decades old wounds with her guidance and healing energy. 

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